Blessed with a Blue Sky Day

blue sky wallpaper (1)Today is a Blue Sky Day. When you look up to the sky and you’re bombarded with a beautiful and seemingly endless blue canvas. Speckled with the occasional white fluffily cloud and passing bird. Blue Sky Days make me feel adventurous and curious. The only thing worse than not having a Blue Sky Day is having a Blue Sky Day and being trapped inside…

These days make me think of falling in love, having a picnic near the water, or simply lying on a hammock – debating the wonders of life. We can take Blue Sky Days for granted so easily. We think – yeah so? the sun is shining like it’s meant to.

But every day we are given a Blue Sky Day where the sun tingles warmth and the breeze gently cools, we should be grateful. Go outside and for 5 minutes just enjoy dabbling in the limitless possibilities of a Blue Sky Day.

Sunshine is vital to our overall happiness. Give a Blue Sky Day the chance to enrich your life.



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