Let Go of Grudges – They make you weak

It is a powerful thing to be forgiven. When you know you’ve done wrong, but despite that, the person whom you’ve done wrong by grants you forgiveness. It can wash over you like a wave of relief.

But what is more powerful, is the ability to forgive. Forgiving someone isn’t easy, especially when you’ve been hurt by someone who may have meant a lot to you. But when we forgive, it isn’t usually about putting the other person at ease – it’s putting yourself at ease. Giving yourself the chance to let go of whats happened and move forward with life.

Without forgiveness we hold grudges. A Grudge is that dark, gloomy ball of anger that builds inside your chest. They can be consuming and stop you from reaching your full potential in life.

If you have the ability to let go, try forgiving someone today. Let that grudge and all that negative energy out of your system with a simple, ‘you are forgiven’. Then never let it bother your mind again.



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