Spring Cleaning

To you northern hemisphere folk, it probably isn’t spring. It’s most likely well on its way to winter. But here in Australia – it’s nearing the end of spring.

One of the things in everyday life I love the most is cleaning. When I can dedicate a whole day to simply cleaning and restoring my home. I start my cleaning ritual off with some funky music – old and new. Get my worn and comfy cleaning clothes on and do a couple stretches…

I believe cleaning your living space can be like cleaning out your soul. It’s invigorating and refreshing. So I begin with assessing the mess. I stop and figure out where most the damage has been done and what part of the house needs the most tender love and care. Then once the assessment is complete I fill my sink with warm water, half a cup of vinegar, and a dash of bleach. I go around the house – wiping clean every surface and every object. Collecting every fragment of dust and cobwebs as if it were all bad karma – and washing it down the drain.

Then, once the surfaces are clean it’s laundry time. Clothes, towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, tea towels – the whole shabang. All of it. Excavated and washed clean with lightly scented washing powder… the satisfaction of clean linen and clothes is undeniable.

Now it’s time to dedicate myself to the trouble zones. The kitchen and the bathroom. Cleaning these two place is always the most painful and the most tedious. You can’t half assed this part. Scrubbing sinks, toilets, showers and baths. removing grease and grime from the most inconvenient locations. Finding hidden spoilt food treasures or random giant clumps of hair that make you wonder if you’re balding pre-maturely. These areas take the most patience and the most energy – but in the end it all pays off.

Lastly, I like to end with a good vacuum and mop. After all that dusting and all that wiping, your floors are the last place to collect the troubles of the past month. So I employ my sturdy vacuum and mop to do the final sweep. Leaving you with a clean, fresh house once again.

To me, cleaning isn’t just for the house – it’s for your soul. It’s to clean out the past problems and start fresh and anew. Cleaning – I’m sure – is a part of the healing process. Before starting something new and moving onto better things, you must asses the mess, apply the bleach, and employ a deep, thorough clean.
Then after all that hard work and effort – you are given a fresh start and a clean slate. Cleaning is for the soul.



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