The End of November

November has been an interesting month for me. It’s been a beautiful month of spring when everything around me came alive.

Cavendish Avenue November

Although everything around me was bursting with new life and new starts – I was still stuck in winter, mentally. The blossoming flowers and the chirping birds have given me encouragement throughout November. They’ve inspired me to at least TRY to be happier. But even the most beautiful of blossoms and the most musical bird chirps can’t shake this darkness inside me that winter left behind. November taught me hard lessons – but necessary ones.

I am sure that December will bring upon more ‘hard lessons’ but I hope that maybe a little more happiness will also be in the cards. December – the month of family, friends, warmth, and giving. It should give me the final boost I need to propell me out of the darkness. My New Years resolution will be to let go of the darkness of 2014, to worry less, and to do at least one thing everyday that simply makes me happier.



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