That’s it! – I’m going to live in the Jungle!

Are we born with it? If we are, then how do we lose it?
If we aren’t – then how do we find it?

The search for happiness seems to be an increasingly reoccuring phenomenon of the modern era. We’ve progressed so much as a species and developed so many new ways of finding and accomplishing our goals. And yet, most of us still cannot find happiness.

Sure we might find fragments of happiness. Happiness of being around friends, happiness of a relationship, happiness of birth… But overall happiness? The type of lasting happiness when you can say, yes I am generally happy? That seems to be reserved for a special few.

I’m sure the pursuit of happiness isn’t purely a modern desire. But in a society lacking major warfare and poverty – ‘survival’ is handed to us on a silver platter and we are left to seek something more. We want to feel blissful and at peace. But the idea of happiness does not seem to coincide with modern day issues such as money, exploitation of others for ones own interest, and relationship stresses (family, friends, or partners).

Is pure happiness and deep satisfaction with ones life simply an unrealistic fantasy we chase after? Are we just looking for Utopia? As some may say, ‘we cannot know what happiness feels like if we don’t know what misery feels like.’… Thanks – this gives me so much confidence in life.

I am not saying my life is miserable. I am so lucky to be living the life I am living. But there is a deep dissatisfaction I feel. Yes, I am not poor. Yes, I do not need to worry about my safety every second of the day. Yes, I have a safe place to live. Yes, I have the opportunities.

But many people sit in the same boat as I do… When there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with your life, but you’re still unhappy. It’s debilitating!

Although I don’t want to live in some weird state of euphoria 24/7, I would love to wake up every morning with a sense of purpose and a sense of satisfaction in my life.

I have come to understand that sometimes, we don’t even know what happiness is. We’re so misled over what is ‘happy’ and what is ‘unhappy’. How can we find happiness if we couldn’t pick it out if it were right in front of us?

Happiness, to me, is not laughing all the time, smiling all the time, or being in a constant state of ecstatic bliss… No.
Happiness is the feeling of deep content. Waking up in the morning and the first thing that comes to my mind is not a job, not a worry, or wondering why you even woke up – but simply waking up and wanting to get up because the day has so much to offer. Happiness is finding your purpose and feeling as though your existence is not merely coincidental or insignificant.

Modern day pressures make my version of happiness seem impossible… It honestly makes me want to find some forrest and live out my life in the wilderness where the only thing I have to stress about is whether I’ll survive another day. Maybe we’ve become too efficient and too safe. Nothing distracts us from our own misery – and nothing reminds us that our mere existence is a blessing.



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