I am an extreme person.

Really I’m not sure how else to describe myself… I feel, I act, and I think with glass shattering intensity. So, with this ‘extreme’ personality of mine I have found that I tend to experience everything in life with a little extra flare. A little more drama if you may.
But this has helped me. When I fall, I really fall. When I’m angry, I’m really freaking angry. When I’m happy, I bounce from the walls. Experiencing everything to it’s extreme is a blessing and a curse. In one way it helps me fully understand myself, my feelings, and the situation I’m in. On the other end, it means that when I crash – I crash hard and it can almost break me.

With these experiences under my belt – I wish to help. I offer guidance and real-life experiences. I don’t pretend I understand what anyone else is feeling but I take will take my experiences and give them to you. Gift wrapped and signed with love. So, take these experiences as you may.



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