The Solitary Cliff Jumping Effect

Imagine this scenario ~

‘You’re standing on a cliff with a person you’ve decided you have feelings for. This is the Cliff of Uncertainty. Before any relationship can happen, two people must stand on the Cliff of Uncertainty. It’s the only way to enter the River of Love. As the couple approaches the cliff’s edge, something in their gut may tell them it’s right or tell them it’s wrong. Either way, they must both stand on the Cliff’s edge before a decision is made. The Solitary Cliff Jumping Effect is when you glance at the other person, look down at the River of Love, draw a deep breath, and take the leap of faith… Consciously or unconsciously, you decided to fall for them. The only problem is that as you’re falling – once the heart thumping excitement subsides and the adrenaline wears off – you realise mid-fall that you’ve taken the jump alone. Looking up, you see them. Still standing up there on the Cliff of Uncertainty. Now it’s too late, and only once you’ve crashed into the River of Love, do you realise you’ve now got to battle the Stream of Heartache.’

This is the Solitary Cliff Jumping Effect. As you can see, it’s all good if the other person jumps with you. But sometimes they don’t, and you take the leap all by yourself.

I like to think of finding love like climbing a mountain. You begin the walk of life and on the way up you meet people and you learn things. You learn how to survive. You quickly learn who’s dangerous – only hindering your progress to the top, and who’s just simply unhelpful. You’ll come across someone, for sure, who will take the rest of the journey with you. Together you’ll help each other survive and conquer the mountain. But. Once you’ve reached the top, you’re given two options. Go back down where you came from and find someone else, or jump from the Cliff of Uncertainty into the River of Love.

When two people leap into the River of Love it is magical. Wonderful. You’ve already made it through the hard part when climbing the mountain. Now although the river is a little rocky and the current can get strong, you’re together and you’re able to survive.

When one leaps into the River of Love alone, it is a dark, scary place. The current is persistent and unyielding. You crash into the rocks and end up in the Stream of Heartache. No one can save you in the Stream of Heartache. No one except yourself. It’s horrible and tedious. But once you’ve fought through the Stream of Heartache, you end up back on the waters edge and at the bottom of the mountain, ready to make the hike all over again. Each time you meet better people and become a better person.



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