Life’s Lessons – Thus Far

The one thing childhood taught me ~

You don’t always get what you wanted – you get what you’re given and it’s up to you what you do with it. Many of us fall into the unfortunate loop that is the ‘expectation’ mind frame. Life owes you nothing. In fact, life has given you everything that you have before you – it is the only reason you are here and experiencing the wonders of the world. So when you don’t get what you wanted, or if you get what you wanted but it’s not what you expected. Stop and remember that life owes you nothing. Anything life gives you – it gives you for a purpose. Take what it gives, and turn it into something great.

The one thing adolescence taught me ~

You cannot possibly be anyone other than yourself. You can change your hair, you can change your clothes, and you can even change the way you act. (Don’t get me wrong we’re all, from time to time, in need of productive change). But you cannot change the way you feel inside and the person you’re meant to be. So stop trying to be someone else and just embrace the person you are – it’ll make living with yourself so much easier.

The one thing pre-adulthood/post adolescence taught me ~

Be productive with your life – not preoccupied with your life. I spent months upon months worrying about the same things over and over again. I need to earn more money – I need to find my passion – I need to do well in University – I need to make people happy… It can be easy to confuse the idea of being productive with being preoccupied. Productive means you actively do something in order for a result to occur. Preoccupied means you stress about all the things you’ve got to do in order for a result to occur. You’re going to get nowhere if you’re stressing out and running yourself into the ground. I’m sure, just like me, you could sit for countless hours worrying about every fragment of your future. But you can’t do anything more than what you’ve already done. Don’t worry, just do something – even if it’s small. Then at least if things don’t work out as planned you can at least say ‘well I did something’ and you didn’t just sit there stressing about it. Life is way to short of stress.



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